Based in Columbus, Ohio

Fox Die Productions is a non-profit Film, Video, and Photography Collective based in Columbus, OH. We are dedicated to the production of unique narratives, music videos, artistic photography, and any creative project looking to separate itself from cliché. As a creative team, we excel in experimentation, and it is our goal to give our collaborators the resources and unique aesthetic to any project they envision.

Jen Miller – “Forget Your Face”

Shot in December 2012, this music video features acclaimed singer/songwriter Jen Miller and her single “Forget Your Face” off of her EP Forget the Dirty Hearts, an album that peaked at #12 on the iTunes’ Singer/Songwriter chart upon its release.

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Directed by Jerod Nawrocki (2012)

Indigo Wild – “Rowboats”

Representing the first project done by Fox Die Productions, this music video features the Columbus based band, Indigo Wild, and their first single off of their EP If By Sea.

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Directed by Jerod Nawrocki (2011)


Swampland follows the story of a boy named Crocodile as he struggles in poverty. Along the way, he meets a young girl, Jennifer, where they share similar interests and tough realities.

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Directed by Kenneth Bauer (2012)


Peter is given a mysterious cassette tape from his friend, Ethan, which gives Peter the ability to communicate with his own shadow. According to Ethan, the shadow gives a person the solution to their desires, but as the shadow takes hold of Peter, he soon learns that the tape has other ideas.

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Directed by Jerod Nawrocki